"If we want peace in the world,
we also have to let our children be born in peace."
Angelina Martinez Miranda

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Fundraising Campaign for the Birth Center in Tepoztlan

Hi folks,
Merry Christmas to everybody! Last night I created a new fundraising campaign page on GoFundMe.com to help Angelina Martinez to build a new Birth Center in Tepoztlan, Mexico. I wish you can participate, even with a small contribution in this campaing and share this link also with your friends in facebook.
Our goal for 2013 is to reach the amount of 2'500 USD so that we can build a new and safe place for Angelina in her community in Tepoztlan and allow the future mexican babies to be born in peace in her hands.
Please give whatever you can to make this dream to be possible. Share with your friends and let them know about it.
All donors will be informed by e-mail once we'll have reached our goal.
Thanks to all people who have bought a copy of the DVD Born In Mexico this year, since june 2012, we were able to raise only 92.50 US Dollars for the Birth Center in Tepoztlan. There's still much to do and there are still 61 copies left.
For those who still don't know what this project is all about and why we are doing it please read the August 18th post.
If you wish to donate please do it here http://www.gofundme.com/BirthCenter-Tepoztlan
Wish you a wonderful Christmas and happy holidays


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hugging Montréal

Hi everyone,

Hope there are still some people out there that have survived at the End of the World as it was predicted by Mayas for this last December 21st!
I'm currently in Montréal now, still alive, happy and so relieved to have left behind me the Hudson Valley in NY. So far I'm enjoying this very beautiful and amazing city. People are so friendly and lovely. Yesterday, with a bunch of friends we participated at a Free Hughs event in Mont-Royal, right in front of the Metro Station place. It was so nice to share so much love and warmth with people of all ages. From the 4 years young kids running with opened arms and a big smile on their eyes, to the 78 years old native woman almost crying and surprised to receive so many hughs from so many strangers.

I feel so grateful and blessed to be here and to be still committed with myself and my dreams as I've planned since before my departure from Switzerland. Coming back to our latest news concerning Born In Mexico I just wanted to tell you that there won't be another re-edition next year of the DVD nor in the future. So you can order now 1 of the last 62 copies of Born In Mexico left. In fact I decided that it's time for me to leave this project behind to its past and go further if I want to realize new videos for other Indigenous Communities. By now I'm just waiting to sell everything out before send the money raised to Angelina.
Canada seems to me an amazing place to meet aboriginal peoples from first nations and acknowledge their ancient traditions. I feel there's so much to learn from them. I also remind you that as a Midwifery School or Birth Center, you can buy more copies if you want at a more advantage price. Just write me an email for further information and conditions of this facility.

Tree of Life-Video wishes you a very joyful Christmas and a peaceful 2013. May this New Year bring us more clarity and more consciousness in our relationships, whether with ourselves, with our loved ones, with the nature that surrounds us and with the new babies that are waiting for a more respectful and loving humanity.

Sweet Hugs, Maurizio

 Thanks to the photograph Valerie Rosen for these beautiful pictures. You can see more of her amazing work on her website and facebook page:

Website: http://www.valerierosen.500px.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Valerie-Rosen-Photography/171299652912697

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Display Visits Report on Tree of Life Video blog

Hi there!
I just wanted to show you the latest report of the last visits occurred since June 2012 (the day Born In Mexico came out on DVD) to date.

Thanks to ShinyStat it is possible to list and display all the countries, the frequency, the number of pages visited and all the referrers that show, when, how long and where all visits on Tree of Life Video blog come from.

So, it's very cool to see visits from really all over the world. We have people from Japan, India, Philippines, Mexico, South-America, Oceania, Kazhakistan....
and it seems also some "Undefined" countries... which it's really weird. 

USA and Switzerland contest the record of visits with USA leading with only 1.64% more than the Swiss.

Well, it's not a contest actually! It's just a report... and it's really fun.

So thank you again to everybody and please, don't come just visiting and leave the blog

It's really important for EVERYBODY to know your opinion, your projects and everything you know about childbirth situation in your country. It's really important to SHARE guys this informations cause that's what will allow us to let other people know and bring new changes.

We have to stop to live in this kind of CONSUMER SOCIETY. Use this blog for your own information and to enrich your knowledge and other's. Babies are coming in this world in just 20 minutes! This is not physiology! This is just our CONSUMER SOCIETY that thinks that pregnant women don't need to take all the time they need to really feel their labor, to communicate with their baby letting her to follow the natural process of birth.

A baby lives inside the womb of his mother for 9 months without rushing! It has no hurry. Why do we have it?
There are women at their 3rd, 4th month pregnant already asking and programming for a C-section without ever having thought in the possibility to give birth naturally! Why? I guess many may answer because of the pain, or because of the risks and so on... I'm not totally sure that this is the only reason. I think it's something much deeper, inside our body consciousness. We can always debate about it, sure. Everybody has its own opinion. Nobody can really tell us what it's right or wrong but at least we can TRY to make the difference without playing always as victims!

Don't be shy!! This is a safe place to share and as you may see, there are people from all over the planet coming here. Take this as an advantage to spread to others what is going on in your neighborhood, your communities, your village, your town...

Whishing you all the best... always


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Give Birth in Ticino, Switzerland - Swiss Hospitals: an exemple of respectful birth in the world

Next 14th of December I'll fly back to New York, spending Holidays and New Year with my beloved Stephanie and then, work and housing permitting, I'll move to Montréal for a couple of months. If anyone of you lives in there and whishes to host a Perinatal Sensory Education Workshop (in English or French) in their studio or wishes to record their childbirth... just e-mail me, I'll be around!

Meeting Clarissa, a swiss doula from Ticino

In the meantime, I would like to introduce you the work of a doula from Ticino, Switzerland, Clarissa Semini.

Ticino is the italian part of Switzerland. Is the only canton where we speak italian. The rest of Switzerland mostly speak swiss german and french or very few, on the North-East, up on the mountains, still speak an ancient dialect called Romansch. Clarissa works indipendently in Ticino as a doula and she's promoting and providing alternative techniques and care to pregnant mothers such as Water Birth and the very beautiful Lotus Birth. This last one is a very unusal technique still not very well known in Switzerland. Even if you don’t understand italian I strongly recommend you to follow Clarissa through her personal website "Parto con Gioia" - Birth with Joy.

What is Lotus Birth?

(You can find this article on "The Lotus Birth Campaign" official web site 

"Lotus Birth is the fourth stage of childbirth, the time after the placenta has delivered allowing this miraculous organ to complete its job aiding a smooth transition from womb to world. This time can safely be extended up until the cord dries out and detaches naturally at the navel.
Lotus Birth ensures that the baby receives all the immense health benefits transferred from the placenta. Lotus Birth Advocates believe that Lotus Birth keeps the Aura intact, preventing dis-ease. Lotus Birth encourages and respectfully supports the crucial time for the mother, baby and his or her placenta, ensuring the vital sensory conditions that continue nurturing the already well established bond. Encouraging skin~to~skin and breastfeeding. Lotus Birth deeply acknowledges the profound life laid out before us in all its bodies; physical, mental, emotional, etherical and spiritual. Lotus Birth is practiced in birth centres, hospitals, cesarean births, home births, water births, and with twins births."

Clarissa also works as a secretary in a brand new association in Ticino called "Nascere Bene" - Born Well. Nascere bene is a group of parents, grandparents, midwives, doulas and various friends who want to promote the knowledge and opportunities that will enable the greatest number of children to be born well.

Trends in Ticino's hospitals
Curbing the increase of c-sections and unnecessary medical interventions in the share of low risk does not mean to let women suffer without assistance, but rather meet the necessary conditions for a natural birth with bearable pain. For several years in swiss hospitals, and especially in Ticino, is also possible now, upon request, to give birth more in line with physiology thanks to the competence of midwives. To this end, there are more intimate rooms for labor, relaxation pools, Mayan chairs and delivery rooms and less cold light of an operating room.

Give Birth in Ticino, Switzerland - Every Mother's dream
All public maternity in Ticino (Cantonal Hospital Authority, EOC) have been awarded the UNICEF "Baby-Friendly Hospital." See related article in the UNICEF web page. The criteria used to obtain this recognition is not the mode of delivery itself, but require a guarantee that the baby can stay in the mother's arms for two hours after the birth (whether spontaneous or cesarean), if it is not possible for the mother it proposes the father until the mother is ready. It should also ensure that the child can stay in the room with her mother 24h to 24 (rooming-in). 

UNICEF also requires that the staff (constantly updated) accompany the couple mother / child individually throughout the hospital to allow mothers to know your child, become autonomous and breastfeed exclusively breastfed, which feed in the best way. At the start of the maternity parents are informed of the external services that continue to support the new family.

Inside the EOC is currently discussing the opportunity to create a "Hebammensprechstunde" - A Midwives Clinic,  and the possibility to integrate in the future a House of Birth also managed by midwives within its hospitals.

Perinatal Sensory Education Workshop in Switzerland

It was last October when Marie-Pierre Beck, an indipendent midwife from Lausanne, called me, right when I was meditating by the river in Ticino, Switzerland, asking me to send her a DVD to their midwifery cabinet "Naissance Attitude"

A brand new cabinet where 4 active midwives work there daily to bring care, therapies, workshops to pregnant couples.

She and two other midwives, Sandrine and Marie-Frédérique, invited me to meet their center where we also discussed about the possibility for me to give a Perinatal Sensory Education workshop. They were delighted to organize an entire afternoon in Lausanne with 7 other midwives, a new mother and a pregnant couple, Alexandra and Florian where we could learn, practice and share some very beautiful moments together.

Here I post you some pictures of that afternoon. (You can see more pictures on our Facebook Page)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Greetings everyone,
I wish to thank all of you and all new members who joined Tree of Life Video Facebook page since its creation in july and above all thanks to Stephanie for her amazing help.

I wish to thank also all the MANA organization for hosting the screening of BIM during last conference in september in Asilomar, California where Angelina Martinez and more than 30 people have been watching it with lots of emotion and a bit of nostalgia seeing Angelina's old birth hou
se activities.

In Italy, the midwifery school "Scuola Elementale di Arte Ostetrica di Firenze" , founded by Verena Schmid, also joined the Tree of Life Video's cause supporting us to sell our DVD to their students and visitors and also raising funds for the new Birth Center in Tepoztlan for Angelina. This has been really a nice moment for us to receive such recognition.

Unfortunately DVDs sale has not been as successfull. So far we just could raise 61 USD for new Angelina's Birth Center. Not enough to build a wall. We would like to do better to enhance and promote the real value of this movie because we consider important to keep mexican midwifery alive by creating a safe place for Angelina to practice what she does best: deliver babies and take care about women and families.

That's why I would like to invite you today to take advantage of Tree of Life Video's new promotion where on our blog you can now buy a DVD for only 35 USD instead of 39 and receive it at your home with no extra fees or shipping costs for US and Canadian citizens.

Please, feel free to share this event on your wall, with your friends, family and colleagues or people interested in natural childbirth and safe motherhood with a midwife. I remind you that this DVD is educational and whishes to promote and defend the work of the midwives in Mexico as well as in all other countries of the world.

Thank you for your kind support. We will keep you updated shortly about new events.

Maurizio Parro
Art Director & Founder of Tree of Life Video

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bye bye USA... travelling back to Italy

Last sunday, 12th August I left NY to go reaching my native country. I'm enjoying now last weeks of august at one of the most beautiful islands close to Sicily on the Mediterranean Sea.
taking advantage of this return I'm also investigating on new stathistics in deliveries in Italy. Upsetting is to discover that Italy has the highest rate of C-section of Europe, and the results according to different regions are extremely alarming!!!!

Caesarean: INCREASE NOT ONLY IN ITALY "It is a fact that since the early 70's the use of caesarean section increased significantly not only in Italy, but in all the countries where it had the opportunity to do so" highlights prof. Stefano Bianchi. "It is proven by the fact that the phenomenon is 'exploded' recently in China, which is progressing towards a more modern health care system and welfare: according to WHO data, from 4.9% of cesarean recorded in 1993/94 has arrived to 20.4% in 2001/02.

And indeed, in every part of the world the transition from an 'rural', in which children were born at home or in hospital very small, for an increasingly urbanized society, characterized by the presence of health services and more advanced, has always found an increase in cesarean deliveries. "

The situation in Italy
In Italy it has gone from 11% of caesarean sections in 1980 to 38% in 2008. It also notes a big difference from region to region, with values ​​tend to be lower in northern and higher in the south, ranging from 23% in the Autonomous Province of Trento and in Friuli-Venezia Giulia to 54% in Sicily and 62% in Campania.

Italy, at an European level, has the highest rate of cesarean deliveries, followed by Portugal with 33%, while in other countries there are values ​​that fall below 30% to 15% in the Netherlands and 14% in Slovenia. (Data disclosed by the ISS)

To break down the Italian share of caesarean sections, the Higher Institute of Health in February 2010 issued guidelines on caesarean section addressed to physicians.

"The reasons are varied in nature," says the prof. Bianchi. " The first consideration is to make is that, paradoxically, the less trust in health care, the greater the use of cesarean section, and this is an international phenomenon, not just Italian.

Without a doubt the best way to give birth is a vaginal birth, but it is true that with current diagnostic tools intrapartum you can not be 100% sure of the state of health and well-being of the fetus and is not always possible to understand in advance if there will be complications. A vaginal delivery complicated on the other hand may lead to neonatal diseases much more serious than those that would occur as a result of a cesarean.

The other element to consider is the level of service guaranteed by hospital and intervention capacities of health workers: if you need to a cesarean during labor, some hospitals are prepared to deal with the emergency in a very short time, other times they can also be significant and may go beyond the tolerance that the fetus may have stress. If you add up the diagnostic difficulties at the time to act, it is understandable why most doctors, especially when operating in health facilities level is not high, the slightest doubt prefer to go directly to the section.

The problem is also of a judicial nature: it is true that a hospital for the cost of surgery is greater than that of natural childbirth, but it only takes one mistake because the damage to the image - of doctors and hospitals - and economic damage to the repayments forensic reset the whole benefit.

Another consideration: today there are fewer children and more and more advanced in age. The couple embraces the whole of one child and the care that all goes well is very high. Here then is that prospective parents prefer to schedule a C-section with complications 'certain' rather than face the risk, albeit minimal, that something could go wrong.

It must be said that the problem mainly occurs for first-time mothers: If a woman has already given birth to other children spontaneously, in fact, there are many doubts in her giving birth vaginally, since complications are statistically less frequent and less severe. Conversely, making a first cesarean means to apply most of the time for other caesarean in the future".

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Watch the newest video for the Birth Center Raising Coins tutorial

Hi folks,
I spent I little time lately to create a new and very homemade video to show you how easy is to raise funds. Hope you'll appreciate more the content than the quality of this funny video. I feel really concerned about Angelina Martinez needs of building a new birth center in Tepoztlan. If you don't know why, please keep follow reading the 18th july post. I spent this last two weeks trying to figure out how people can really participate with very small contributions. Since I arrived here in USA I noticed how many people got so many coins spreaded all over their houses, and funnier was to find them in the most unusual and impredictible places. So, this inspired me to create this video trying to imagine how many money I can get by putting all this small change together. Well, in this short video all the money I collected were actually coming from many different places: buses, tramways, streets, toilets, shops, garages, cigars boxes, and a let your imagination flows to imagine what else places.

Hope you'll enjoy and have fun with this video and I really wish it can also inspire you to start to look around you and get into the chasing coins fever in your house. You will see that putting together all this coins you will raise up a good bunch of dollars.

Please share this video on your facebook and tell to your friends to take part of this Raising Coins Campaign for the new Birth Center in Tepoztlan.

Thank you for watching,

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Help us to raise funds for the new Birth Center in Tepoztlan

NEWS from Angelina Martinez - Mexico

Hi everyone,
I wish to thank you all of you for the more than 200 visits from around the world during the last week. Don't forget to buy a copy of the DVD before leaving this blog or ask to your friends or family to buy a copy for you and themselves ;-D

The today's post is about a new mail I just received from Angelina Martinez in Mexico. As many of you already know, she had to close her very actif and beautiful Birth Center in Temixco, in the State of Morelos where "Born In Mexico" has been recorded. She had to move with all her family since one year now and I would like to share with you her words. (english translation follows below):






I haven't been checking my e-mails since long time. I hope you are OK. By me you know that we have been victims of organized crime? So now that we had to close out our Birth Center we had to start far away from our original home. We are now in Tepoztlan. Now we are more calm although crime is still strong in Temixco. Even a midwife died cause of the bad people. We don't feel we want to go back there by now and we are not getting students anymore.

Now we are thinking of building a new Birth Center. Tranquillity came back as well as financially, emotionally and morally. We still keep working even if it isn't as same as before. But thanks to the blessings of our lord God we can now move on and start again.

I hope you're well, as well as your family. Please say hello to your mommy and your sisters.

I send you a big hug from the heart. 
I also appreciate donations if anyone wants to give some Euro to help us to start to build our new Birth Center. They can do it through you if they want to. Possibly at the Midwifery Today Congress when you will go there.


I used to live in Temixco during almost three weeks in 2010 with Angelina and her family, but I don't remeber of having felt all this violence and social insecurity when I was there. But this is also Mexico, behind the beauty and richeness of its culture, things seem to have changed a lot since my last stay, two years ago. Street violence level has increased in this very lovely town close to Cuernavaca.

I can tell you for sure that if Angelina had to leave her beautiful house and close her Birth Center where more than 23 natural childbirths were attended every month, serving the whole community since decades and then go to live in Tepoztlan, about 1 hour away from Cuernavaca, this means that fear and dismay were standing guard in her and all people living there.

It's my wish to help her to raise funds to build her new Birth Center and for those that also are willing to participate with some donations, I just remind you that even if every person give even only $1 Dollar and ask to 50 or more people in their mailing list to do the same, this will give us more chance to reach our goal.

Even more, by buying an original copy of the DVD 15% of the sale will benefit the accomplishement of this project where many newborn babies in Tepoztlan will come to life safely in the hands of a lovely and patient Traditional Midwife like Angelina.

If you wish to take part of this project and want to donate, please visit this page and click on the paypal button and you can help with $1 dollar or more and more important thing please forward this Blog to your friends so that they also will know and take part of the project


(I will put more details about new Angelina's Birth Center in Tepoztlan lately... as soon as news come by)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Welcome on Tree of Life


visitors, midwives, doulas, moms and dads, new babies and natural childbirths supporters, I'm proud to welcome you in the renewed blog of "Tree of Life - Video". There are new updates in the current pages, new posts coming up the next days and other beautiful and creative projects to support natural childbirth in the world... and we also are in Facebook now! Thank you for your visit, for your kind support and for your comments, stay tuned on Tree of Life Video.

After one year of screening in Mexico and Europe and sold more than 100 copies in USA, Mexico, Europe and Australia a new version of the DVD "Born in Mexico" will come to light by the first week of July 2012.

You can book a copy, or more, directly from the page "purchase Born in Mexico" since now!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Like us on Facebook!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I have moved to New York to promote my work in America!!  
Keep checking back to this blog for updates on local screenings in the Greater New York City area!
If you live in greater New York City and are interested in learning more about "Born in Mexico", please contact me at the number provided above.  
Also, please contact me if you would like to organize a screening of Born in Mexico in your community, are interested in collaborating on projects that promote natural childbirth, or you are pregnant and would like to schedule a consultation.  I work from my home and I can also travel to your home or office. 

Beacon, New York

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

La Luna en Ti

La Luna en ti

Título original:La luna en ti (Moon Inside You)
Dirección: Diana Fabianova
Guión: Diana Fabiánová, Mona León y Marion Doussot.
Producción: Jerónimo Molero.
Música: Olivier Samouillan y Pierre Bats.
Fotografía: Jerónimo Molero. Montaje: Tatjana Jankovic.
Distribuidora: Karma Films
Productora: Arte, Avenue B Productions, STV, Ubak Producciones
País de producción: Francia, España, Eslovaquia
Año: 2009
Duración: 75 min.

Como tantas mujeres, Diana ha estado padeciendo reglas dolorosas desde hace años. Cada mes se plantea la misma pregunta: “¿Por qué tanto dolor y molestias si estoy sana?”. Lo que al principio fue sólo curiosidad se transforma para ella en un emotivo viaje hacia las raíces más profundas de la feminidad y la vida.

La Luna en Ti es una mirada limpia sobre este tabú, y cuestiona la realidad social de mujeres y hombres de una forma más profunda de lo que la sociedad está dispuesta a admitir. El documental aborda el tema a través de referencias personales y colectivas, desafiando, de esta manera, nuestras ideas preconcebidas sobre lo que es la feminidad.

Los origenes de este documental, por Diana Fabianova.

Cuando tenía seis años, mi abuea murió de cáncer de útero. Debido a una serie de nefastas coincidencias, estaba convencida de que yo tenía la culpa. Un año más tarde, a mi madre le diagnosticaron la misma enfermedad. ¿Cómo es posible que un simple órgano humano se convierta en la causa de tanta tristeza?

Mis primeras reglas comenzaron entonces, y con ellas el dolor y la depresión, que entendí como un justo castigo por mi crimen. Pero entonces, ¿cual era el motivo por el que otras mujeres, millones, sufrieran como yo?. ¿Cual era la causa de su condena?

Conforme pasó el tiempo comprendí que ni la muerte de mi abuela ni la enfermedad de mi madre tenían relación alguna con mis actos. En cualquier caso, me veía irremediablemente atrapada en lo que he acabado denominando “etiqueta menstrual”.

El mensaje de mi madre había sido muy claro: “Ningún hombre debe saber nunca cuándo estás menstruando”. La sombra de sus palabras me llevó a esconder cuidadosamente la evidencia a mi padre y mi hermano, al principio y, más adelante, a cualquier hombre que pasara por mi vida. Por muy mal que me encontrara, fingía que me sentía bien. Evidentemente se trataba de la actitud adecuada: todo el mundo en el colegio, en la universidad, en el trabajo hacía como yo. El tabú iba mucho más allá de mi entorno familiar, estaba en todas partes. La regla era vergonzosa. No se debía hablar en público del período, era “poco oportuno”.¿Fin de la historia?

Algo en mi se negaba a aceptar y sufrir en silencio. ¿Cómo podría este proceso natural ser “poco oportuno” cuando una cuarta parte de las mujeres lo está experimentando en cualquier momento dado?¿Por qué un signo de algo que la sociedad considera como una bendición – la capacidad de la mujer de dar vida – resulta que luego se nombra con expresiones como “the curse” (la maldición) en Gran Bretaña, “the english war debaquement” (el desembarco de guerra británico) en Francia o “to be on the raqs” “estar con la furia” en Estados Unidos. ¿Cómo es posible que ideas tan tontas como la de que “una mujer que está menstruando no puede hacer mayonesa” puedan existir todavía?¿Por qué muchos hombres no pueden hablar sobre la menstruación sin ruborizarse?¿Eran la incómoda sangre y los molestos calambres la única causa de toda esta negatividad y negación? Por supuesto que no.

Poniendo en entredicho esta cultura encubridora en torno al tema, mostrando lo que la mujer vive realmente, escuchando también a los hombres, el objetivo de La Luna en Ti está en deconstruir los fenómenos de la menstruación, hasta hacer aflorar su naturaleza dual: una experiencia íntima y una construcción social.

De todas formas, no os preocupéis... Soy consciente de que el tabú de la menstruación ha tenido más presencia en mi trayectoria personal que en la de otras persona. Espero que la película refleje mi implicación, pero no voy a convertir a la audiencia en mi psiquiatra. La Luna en Ti va a dejar que se oigan muchas voces.

En esta búsqueda de diversidad, el encontrar a Dominika, una alumna de once años de edad de mi antiguo colegio, ha sido un hecho decisivo. Ella nos va a transportar al mundo de esas mujercitas en el que todo empieza, donde se estrena la feminidad y las grandes esperanzas se intercalan con los más profundos temores. Los testimonios de mujeres adultas jugarán un importante papel en el documental. Conseguir que se acepte su punto de vista como real, más allá de “esas cosas de mujeres”, es uno de mis principales frentes de batalla. Hablemos de la menstruación con nuestras propias palabras. Distingamos entre lo que la sociedad dice acerca de ella y lo que nosotras vivimos de verdad.

Por otro lado, y teniendo en cuenta que la menstruación es mucho más que una realidad fisiológica, el conjunto de información sobre el que se construirá el documental provendrá de expertos elegidos en diferentes campos: medicina, sociología, antropología, psicología, filosofía... Afrontaremos los prejuicios acerca del periodo (y esperamos además, revelarlos) utilizando las armas más efectivas: creatividad y humor. Espero que los dispositivos desplegados en el documental nos sirvan para lamentar las viejas supersticiones y arquetipos sociales. O al menos, reconocerlos como tales.

A la vez familiar e innombrable, conocido e ignorado, La Luna en Ti apunta a ofrecer no solo a la audiencia femenina sino también a la masculina, la posibilidad de llegar a una mejor comprensión de una experiencia humana tan rechazada como importante y, de esta forma, ayudar a ambas partes a superar las tradicionales definiciones de género.