"If we want peace in the world,
we also have to let our children be born in peace."
Angelina Martinez Miranda

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Display Visits Report on Tree of Life Video blog

Hi there!
I just wanted to show you the latest report of the last visits occurred since June 2012 (the day Born In Mexico came out on DVD) to date.

Thanks to ShinyStat it is possible to list and display all the countries, the frequency, the number of pages visited and all the referrers that show, when, how long and where all visits on Tree of Life Video blog come from.

So, it's very cool to see visits from really all over the world. We have people from Japan, India, Philippines, Mexico, South-America, Oceania, Kazhakistan....
and it seems also some "Undefined" countries... which it's really weird. 

USA and Switzerland contest the record of visits with USA leading with only 1.64% more than the Swiss.

Well, it's not a contest actually! It's just a report... and it's really fun.

So thank you again to everybody and please, don't come just visiting and leave the blog

It's really important for EVERYBODY to know your opinion, your projects and everything you know about childbirth situation in your country. It's really important to SHARE guys this informations cause that's what will allow us to let other people know and bring new changes.

We have to stop to live in this kind of CONSUMER SOCIETY. Use this blog for your own information and to enrich your knowledge and other's. Babies are coming in this world in just 20 minutes! This is not physiology! This is just our CONSUMER SOCIETY that thinks that pregnant women don't need to take all the time they need to really feel their labor, to communicate with their baby letting her to follow the natural process of birth.

A baby lives inside the womb of his mother for 9 months without rushing! It has no hurry. Why do we have it?
There are women at their 3rd, 4th month pregnant already asking and programming for a C-section without ever having thought in the possibility to give birth naturally! Why? I guess many may answer because of the pain, or because of the risks and so on... I'm not totally sure that this is the only reason. I think it's something much deeper, inside our body consciousness. We can always debate about it, sure. Everybody has its own opinion. Nobody can really tell us what it's right or wrong but at least we can TRY to make the difference without playing always as victims!

Don't be shy!! This is a safe place to share and as you may see, there are people from all over the planet coming here. Take this as an advantage to spread to others what is going on in your neighborhood, your communities, your village, your town...

Whishing you all the best... always


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