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we also have to let our children be born in peace."
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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Give Birth in Ticino, Switzerland - Swiss Hospitals: an exemple of respectful birth in the world

Next 14th of December I'll fly back to New York, spending Holidays and New Year with my beloved Stephanie and then, work and housing permitting, I'll move to Montréal for a couple of months. If anyone of you lives in there and whishes to host a Perinatal Sensory Education Workshop (in English or French) in their studio or wishes to record their childbirth... just e-mail me, I'll be around!

Meeting Clarissa, a swiss doula from Ticino

In the meantime, I would like to introduce you the work of a doula from Ticino, Switzerland, Clarissa Semini.

Ticino is the italian part of Switzerland. Is the only canton where we speak italian. The rest of Switzerland mostly speak swiss german and french or very few, on the North-East, up on the mountains, still speak an ancient dialect called Romansch. Clarissa works indipendently in Ticino as a doula and she's promoting and providing alternative techniques and care to pregnant mothers such as Water Birth and the very beautiful Lotus Birth. This last one is a very unusal technique still not very well known in Switzerland. Even if you don’t understand italian I strongly recommend you to follow Clarissa through her personal website "Parto con Gioia" - Birth with Joy.

What is Lotus Birth?

(You can find this article on "The Lotus Birth Campaign" official web site 

"Lotus Birth is the fourth stage of childbirth, the time after the placenta has delivered allowing this miraculous organ to complete its job aiding a smooth transition from womb to world. This time can safely be extended up until the cord dries out and detaches naturally at the navel.
Lotus Birth ensures that the baby receives all the immense health benefits transferred from the placenta. Lotus Birth Advocates believe that Lotus Birth keeps the Aura intact, preventing dis-ease. Lotus Birth encourages and respectfully supports the crucial time for the mother, baby and his or her placenta, ensuring the vital sensory conditions that continue nurturing the already well established bond. Encouraging skin~to~skin and breastfeeding. Lotus Birth deeply acknowledges the profound life laid out before us in all its bodies; physical, mental, emotional, etherical and spiritual. Lotus Birth is practiced in birth centres, hospitals, cesarean births, home births, water births, and with twins births."

Clarissa also works as a secretary in a brand new association in Ticino called "Nascere Bene" - Born Well. Nascere bene is a group of parents, grandparents, midwives, doulas and various friends who want to promote the knowledge and opportunities that will enable the greatest number of children to be born well.

Trends in Ticino's hospitals
Curbing the increase of c-sections and unnecessary medical interventions in the share of low risk does not mean to let women suffer without assistance, but rather meet the necessary conditions for a natural birth with bearable pain. For several years in swiss hospitals, and especially in Ticino, is also possible now, upon request, to give birth more in line with physiology thanks to the competence of midwives. To this end, there are more intimate rooms for labor, relaxation pools, Mayan chairs and delivery rooms and less cold light of an operating room.

Give Birth in Ticino, Switzerland - Every Mother's dream
All public maternity in Ticino (Cantonal Hospital Authority, EOC) have been awarded the UNICEF "Baby-Friendly Hospital." See related article in the UNICEF web page. The criteria used to obtain this recognition is not the mode of delivery itself, but require a guarantee that the baby can stay in the mother's arms for two hours after the birth (whether spontaneous or cesarean), if it is not possible for the mother it proposes the father until the mother is ready. It should also ensure that the child can stay in the room with her mother 24h to 24 (rooming-in). 

UNICEF also requires that the staff (constantly updated) accompany the couple mother / child individually throughout the hospital to allow mothers to know your child, become autonomous and breastfeed exclusively breastfed, which feed in the best way. At the start of the maternity parents are informed of the external services that continue to support the new family.

Inside the EOC is currently discussing the opportunity to create a "Hebammensprechstunde" - A Midwives Clinic,  and the possibility to integrate in the future a House of Birth also managed by midwives within its hospitals.


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