"If we want peace in the world,
we also have to let our children be born in peace."
Angelina Martinez Miranda

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Perinatal Sensory Education Workshop in Switzerland

It was last October when Marie-Pierre Beck, an indipendent midwife from Lausanne, called me, right when I was meditating by the river in Ticino, Switzerland, asking me to send her a DVD to their midwifery cabinet "Naissance Attitude"

A brand new cabinet where 4 active midwives work there daily to bring care, therapies, workshops to pregnant couples.

She and two other midwives, Sandrine and Marie-Frédérique, invited me to meet their center where we also discussed about the possibility for me to give a Perinatal Sensory Education workshop. They were delighted to organize an entire afternoon in Lausanne with 7 other midwives, a new mother and a pregnant couple, Alexandra and Florian where we could learn, practice and share some very beautiful moments together.

Here I post you some pictures of that afternoon. (You can see more pictures on our Facebook Page)

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