"If we want peace in the world,
we also have to let our children be born in peace."
Angelina Martinez Miranda

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hugging Montréal

Hi everyone,

Hope there are still some people out there that have survived at the End of the World as it was predicted by Mayas for this last December 21st!
I'm currently in Montréal now, still alive, happy and so relieved to have left behind me the Hudson Valley in NY. So far I'm enjoying this very beautiful and amazing city. People are so friendly and lovely. Yesterday, with a bunch of friends we participated at a Free Hughs event in Mont-Royal, right in front of the Metro Station place. It was so nice to share so much love and warmth with people of all ages. From the 4 years young kids running with opened arms and a big smile on their eyes, to the 78 years old native woman almost crying and surprised to receive so many hughs from so many strangers.

I feel so grateful and blessed to be here and to be still committed with myself and my dreams as I've planned since before my departure from Switzerland. Coming back to our latest news concerning Born In Mexico I just wanted to tell you that there won't be another re-edition next year of the DVD nor in the future. So you can order now 1 of the last 62 copies of Born In Mexico left. In fact I decided that it's time for me to leave this project behind to its past and go further if I want to realize new videos for other Indigenous Communities. By now I'm just waiting to sell everything out before send the money raised to Angelina.
Canada seems to me an amazing place to meet aboriginal peoples from first nations and acknowledge their ancient traditions. I feel there's so much to learn from them. I also remind you that as a Midwifery School or Birth Center, you can buy more copies if you want at a more advantage price. Just write me an email for further information and conditions of this facility.

Tree of Life-Video wishes you a very joyful Christmas and a peaceful 2013. May this New Year bring us more clarity and more consciousness in our relationships, whether with ourselves, with our loved ones, with the nature that surrounds us and with the new babies that are waiting for a more respectful and loving humanity.

Sweet Hugs, Maurizio

 Thanks to the photograph Valerie Rosen for these beautiful pictures. You can see more of her amazing work on her website and facebook page:

Website: http://www.valerierosen.500px.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Valerie-Rosen-Photography/171299652912697

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