"If we want peace in the world,
we also have to let our children be born in peace."
Angelina Martinez Miranda

Monday, May 26, 2014

Closing Cycle Ceremony with Angelina Martinez

Hi there,
Sonya Duffee, a doula from Edmonton, Canada, kindly requested me to share this little sequence extracted from the DVD Born In Mexico. It's a good idea and I thank her, cause here you can see a very important moment of the special care given by the mexican traditional midwife Angelina Martinez to her pregnant women after they have given birth.
The closing cycle ceremony with the herbal bath and the closing hip massage with rebozo benefits the body of the mother, as Angelina explains it. In fact that allows the new mother to experience a deep feeling of gratefulness to her body and to herself as well, as a giver of life for the work that she and her body just did together. This ceremony benefits mothers and give them a great sensation, either physical and spiritual, of completing the cycle of life since the very beginning of their pregnancy till they give birth. This Ceremony's always performed with extremely gentleness and respect by Angelina. Hope you'll enjoy it. Feel free to share with your colleagues and to tip it if you're in the mood of ;-)

Wish you a good life
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014