"If we want peace in the world,
we also have to let our children be born in peace."
Angelina Martinez Miranda

Monday, February 27, 2017

WARNING!!!!! Be aware of this woman

To all Tree Of Life Video followers, friends and midwives that have watched my movie, Born In Mexico since 2010, this is a warning from serious threats I'm victim of since a couple of days from a woman called Mayella Almazan living in Ireland.
Since a couple of days she's harassing me with hundreds of messages ( see previous posts just below her picture) wanting me to delete my own work and my videos from YouTube. She's pretending I'm not allowed to show the Closing Ceremony with the Rebozo, even if recorded in Temixco with the approval of both Angelina Martinez Miranda and the mother that gave birth in my video, Azucena because, according to her, there are people that can get inspired from these images and they would publish their own books. But instead of admonishing those people she's accusing me for what they do! Both Angelina and Azucena signed the copyrights form allowing me to use these images to create educational media support and to make a video that then became Born In Mexico.
As Mayella Almazan is now trying tu publish her own book about the rebozo, inspired by the teachings of Angelina Martinez, she wants to shut down all the people that have already made researches in the same field. And that's only because she wants to take advantage and profit of all this ancient knowledge and make people referring only to HER so people will only buy her book.
If you're also concerned about this misleading behaviour and want to stand against her harassements, you can report her Facebook profile to your friend and let people know what she's trying to do.

Thank you for your kind support

The day someone you never met in your life drops out of nowhere and ask you to delete your own work !!!! WTF!!

on September 21st Mayella wrote this message to me:

Hello Maurizio
my name is Mayella Almazan, I am a Mexican student of Angelina Martinez and workshop organiser
Angelina has recently signed a book contract to publish her indigenous midwifery skills and because of contractual obligations, she is no longer allowed because of her contract to let people video or record her in her workshops.

I am helping her get this message across to her workshop organisers and have noticed that a video of yours is used a lot on Facebook
not only to promote the workshops but unfortunately is also being used by many people online to teach the Closing ceremony without Angelina´s permission.
Can I please kindly ask you to delete it permanently from YouTube?
We are trying to protect Angelina´s work and need to ensure all videos depicting her methods and procedures are not found online so the book publishers don´t get all legal and upset.
I thank you very much on behalf of Angelina
And that was my answer
"Querida Mayella,
that closing ceremony with Angelina was recorded in 2010 for a documentary that I made with her permission!!! I don’t recall of having seen you during that ceremony.
As she signed the copyright form and authorized me to be the main owner of these images on that movie, I don’t think you’re in the right position to ask me to delete my own work.
Besides, if she’s recently signed a book contract with you, but after 2010, and because of that contractual obligations she’s no longer allowed to be recorded during her workshops, these obligations only concern you and Angelina since the day you both signed them. I didn’t breech any contract with you! Be careful with the words you use!!! Moreover, if you’re really sensitive to the Mexican Midwifery, that should not raise grievance against other people that also care about the same cause as you . Otherwise that only smells business and own profit.
Kind regards
"Hello Maurizio
I am not saying you are breeching any contracts
I am suggesting you kindly remove the video
I know Angelina had a contract with you for the video
And Angelina has had many students in her house throughout the years, some of which visited a long time ago.
I am inviting you to help protect her wisdom by removing the video of a ceremony which is included in her upcoming book.
Not because you may have no rights to it, because you say you do, but because this video being online makes people believe they can publish books themselves about it just because they see your video.
I am appealing to your heart, rather than your brain.
People ARE watching videos of her online and then publishing books saying they are experts on this things
and this is a sad reality.
These people are making money out of this and not giving Angelina credit nor money either.
I hope I have explained myself better now.
Thanks for your time"

"Dear Mayella, since I also work with couples and pregnant women, my heart goes together with my brain. If Angelina needs me to do something for her, she only has to write me.
It's quite disturbing for me to respond to someone I never met and that has never seen my work
I'm not responsible for what other people do. My intentions are to promote ancestral wisdom and ancient knolwedge in traditional midwifery. And to me, Angelina is one of the most inspiring and genuine people in that field. If there are people that want to make profit with her work by making books you should appeal to THEM not me. I'm ok with my life and my work and I'm not causing harm to anyone."