"If we want peace in the world,
we also have to let our children be born in peace."
Angelina Martinez Miranda


Tree of Life-Video is an indipendent and no-gouvernemental video-documentary production. I don't receive any fund nor external support for myvideo projects. All my projects are entirely financed by my own means. That's why donations are always more than welcome.

$30  Maurizio Parro, Tree of Life Video
$6 Kristen Graser, Oakland, CA, USA, Fruits of Labor Midwifery www.fruitsoflabor.org
$12 Connie Kieltyka - Olivebridge, NY, USA, Olivebridge Midwifery,
$6 Parro Patrizia, Tirano, Sondrio, Italy
$6 Scuola Elementale di Arte Ostetrica, Firenze, Italy http://www.marsupioscuola.it/
$6 Marie-Pierre Beck "Naissance-Attitude, Lausanne, Switzerland, www.naissance-attitude.ch
$6 Marie-Claire Zaugg, Geneva, Switzerland, www.co-naitre.ch
$9 Doula Clarissa Semini, Ticino, Switzerland, www.partocongioia.com
$6 Laurie Edwards, New Haven, CT, USA
$6 Erika Ofstad, La Mirada, CA, USA
$6 ASAC, Edmonton, AB, Canada  ASAC - Association for Safe Alternatives in Childbirth,
$6 Eva Zazueta-Lara, Windsor, CA
$6 Heidi Coughlin, Edmonton, Canada www.hopemidwives.ca