"If we want peace in the world,
we also have to let our children be born in peace."
Angelina Martinez Miranda

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Title: Futuro de la Parteria Tradicional en Mexico (The Future of Midwifery in Mexico)
Recorded in Mexico from April to June 2010.

This short film was based on an investigation I made about the future of traditional Midwives in Mexico.
In this film we will follow some traditional midwives (parteras) at work:

  • Araceli Gil and Cristina Galante, co-founders of the social Organization Nueve Lunas in Oaxaca, Mexico
  • Dr. Angel Quintero, from Oaxaca's Hospital Civil 
  • Essential caregivers that work closely with pregnant women and families in Mexico's health-care system.

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Thanks for watching and supporting my work.

Me and Dr. Quintero at the Ospital Civil de Oaxaca


Title: Born in Mexico - The Day I Became a Mother
Recorded in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico in May, 2010.
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Azucena with her newborn son Fernando

SYNOPSISWhy, in our modern time, do some pregnant women still prefer to give birth at home following the ancient tradition and guidance of a midwife?  Where does this ancient knowledge come from? What is the difference between giving birth at home naturally and giving birth in a hospital?

Angelina during the interview
Angelina visiting one of the many patients in her pueblo
In this documentary film, viewers follow the first childbirth of Azucena, a young Mexican woman who is close to become a mother. Tree of Life Video Productions' founder Maurizio Parro met Azucena during his stay with Angelina Martinez, a traditional midwife, in Cuernavaca, Morelos in 2010.  Azucena asked Maurizio to have her childbirth be recorded on film.   The result became this movie, a gift from Tree of Life Productions to Azucena, Angelina, and all people interested in learning about the beauty of natural childbirth.

The first moment of baby Fernando's life!
As we see unfold the natural birth of Azucena's son Fernando at the birthing center in Angelina's home, the viewer witnesses Angelina's traditional midwifery knowledge and her delicate and loving care with women and children at work. Interviews with Angelina tell us about her past experiences delivering the children of her community and communicate to us her radical vision of motherhood, birth, and family. It is an unforgettable experience to watch Angelina and her team of attendants and doulas in action as they attend to the birth of Fernando from Azucena's first contractions to her post-natal massage!

Film-maker and founder of Tree of Life Video Maurizio Parro says this movie shows a positive look at Mexican Midwifery and on the natural potential of women to give life.
This documentary is dedicated to all women who seek new and tradicional ways of giving birth, to the people who work closely with mothers, families and children, to midwives, doulas, therapists, and other health care professionals.

Gabriela Rosales
This movie is enriched by the sound of Om Seruna's music. Om Seruna a young mexican duo made up of Angel Montes de Oca on ethnic percussions and Gabriela Rosales on vocals and harps.
The amazing chromatic voice of Gabriela adds a sensitive and sweet touch to the picture and was an inspiration in the development of this film. 
Om Seruna's music creates a great sense of intimacy, rhythm, and depth to accompany the sacredness of life.

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  1. This film is a work of art and a labor of love. In terms of film-making, what impacted me the most was the way the music and the images so gracefully weaved together the emotional content of the film. I especially love the power of the community of supporting women, such as the midwife and her several assistance, who surround Azucena, during her childbirth. It reminds me of the importance of women's solidarity and women's circles of support as a essential part of childbirth. Seeing this film gave me more faith in myself as a woman and a giver of life. All women thinking about natural childbirth (or just curious about the power of natural childbirth) must see this film.


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